Drawing is essential to the understanding of a patient. The first act of a psychiatrist, when he sees a child is to ask him to draw. With an elderly or a patient suffering from neurological disorders, a drawing test provides immediate and precise information on the motor difficulties.

This graphic activity, readily playful, establishes a first contact. But the usual paper document, despite its qualities, has lost most information: the characters of movement, slowness or vivacity, his hesitations....

With a Digital Pen, these elements are operated by Elian. The graphic gesture can be reproduced on the screen. It extracts numerical parameters (speed, pressure, pause ...).
Seldage is a company specialized in the distribution of psychological tests using computers and Digital Pen (especially the Anoto technology). Founded in 2008, it's "flagship" product is  « Elian ». In addition, we make available to the public automated tests developed by our partners or in collaboration with them.

Elian (for « Expert Line Information ANalyser ») provides an automatic analysis of the drawings, intended to practitioners in health (doctors, psychologists, paramedics…).

Elian is user friendly. It can be used in the initial interview with a patient even if he is fragile, as automation can be ignored. The drawing, Man (DAM), Rey complex Figure (ROCF), Bender Gestalt Test (BGT), writing, etc., is collected with the Digital Pen, independent from the computer (see video).

Elian is designed for non-computer scientist. It provides in a few seconds a screen visualization of the drawing process and its instantaneous parameters by colors. One can follow the drawing progress step by step, forward or backward (see video).

Elian provides numeric parameters (percentiles by age) for several psychological tests (DAM, ROCF, BGT) that situate the subject's personality (see video).

Elian facilitates patient care by assisting the practitioner in his diagnostic process. From the age of 3-4 years, it makes up for the child difficulties of language and provides relevant, accurate and objective information. In adults, it clarifies the complex disorders and detects a possible neurological disorder.

Elian can handle several tests.

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