Benefits to use Elian

For a liberal practitioner (psychologist, doctor, paramedical) or an institution (hospital for child or adult psychiatry, neurology, geriatrics) Elian offers considerable advantages in terms of time and cost.

Usually several difficulties slow the diagnosis and the cure in the psychopathological, neurological or geriatric field:

  • The problems are functional and do not appear in the usual examinations (medical, biology, imaging, etc.).
  • The clinician experience relies on multiple items (personal, family, social) that are slow to collect.
  • The psychological tests are usually long to realize and interpret, although some are computer aided. They are expensive and therefore reserved for justified uses.

Elian naturally fits in the clinical environment:

  • It automates classical tests (draw-a-man, HTP, ROCF A & B, BGT, d2 test of attention of Brickenkamp, writing test, etc.) and gives the result almost at glance,
  • It offers new parameters, concerning the movement, usually inaccessible.

Elian improves clinical practice:

  • It introduces objective determination, as often the psychological exams are relying on imprecise technical data and leaping to fragile hypothesis.
  • It avoids the tedious tasks by computerizing; it allows you to gather multiple tests, and provides a whole "psychological portrait" of the patient.
  • It provides objective data on the personality, where precise data are not easy to assess.

Elian allows shortening supported:

  • It reduces queues and makes the most interesting clinical practice.
  • The results can be explained easily, and participate in discussions with the patient,
  • The latter having a clearer view of its problems, can improve its behavior.

Elian is quickly profitable financially and intellectually.