If you are interested to acquire our pen and paper:

  • Download the order form for estimate in Excel format:

English order form without VAT

NB: The shipping will be always recomputed, according to the weight and of the evolution of the tariffs. If you are out of France (even in the EEC), the sale is exclusive of taxes. The deduction will be automatically calculated. 

  • Fill it by indicating the quantities you wish in the column "quantity" (do not touch to the other boxes). The calculation of your order will be automatically done; thus you will be able to evaluate your costs.

  • You will very quickly receive (except school holidays) an e-mail with an estimate (pdf format).

  • Answer if it is appropriate to you. If not, please make remarks or questions. 

  • You will then receive an invoice.

  • You will be pay by credit transfer (in euros).

  • Please confirm by e-mail that you pay, for more safety.

  • At the reception of your payment, you will very quickly receive your package (except school holidays).
  • We will be very grateful to you to confirm reception of it (it is policy-holder ad valorem).

  • Any explanation or request for information or grouped order must be addressed to us by e-mail to contact@seldage.com