Brickenkamp d2 Test of attention

The d2 Test of Attention is a neuropsychological measure of selective and sustained attention. This paper and pencil test asks to cross any letter “d” with two marks (above or below, in any order). The distractors are a “p” with two marks or a “d” with one or three marks. The original version of the test was created by Brickenkamp (1981) in Germany. The last English version is dated from 2012.

Including prior explanation to the subject, it takes about 10 minutes to complete this test. Its correction involves identifying the omission and commission (confusion) errors and relatively complex calculations, which takes about 15-30 minutes. With Elian and the Digital Pen, the analysis is instantaneous and consistent with what is obtained manually. It avoids a tedious manual analysis.

On the screen visualization is clear. Boxes "d2" (target objects) are in green and distractors in gray. Elian recognizes the errors of omission (in blue) and confusion (in red).

The interpretation of the parameters is done according d2 “usual version” (Q4e, very strong to Q1e, very low) or “revised version” (“d2R”) for the same drawing, with a simple key combination.
A version for Optical Reading is available (for groups) and treated by Elian in the same way.
D2 Test