The Draw-A-Man test (DAM) is the major test for children. It is practiced at the first meeting with a child, as it does not trouble the child and is briefly performed. It gives a comprehensive approach to the development level.

“Elian Testing” provides an entirely new approach of the DAM, since it is based on the dynamics, giving the drawing process in details. The software allows scoring within four modes:

1) Automatic extraction of quantitative parameters (together with the ROCF or BGT when made) in:
- Absolute value,
- Percentile by age class (from a population of 2,000 children gathered in nursery and primary schools in Paris),
- Literal analysis, based on explicit rules, in an .rtf format to be exported.

2) Analysis in the new “dynamic types” from viewing the drawing process,

3) “Type of lines” (sketched, doubled, etc.) which identifies some pathological personalities,

4) Scoring of the finished drawing is aided, as it is no more hidden by superimposed lines (the software offers the drawing stage you wish).
Draw a man